Welcome to the Nth Chapter

Photo of a female tuatara (Sphenodon punctatus), basking on a lichen-covered rock on Stephens Island/Takapourewa, New Zealand.

I’m a macroecologist, currently postdoc-ing at Iowa State University in the Janzen Lab of Ecological and Evolutionary Herpetology (website here). My research focuses on modelling the biogeography of climate-mediated traits to predict the distribution of microrefugia and range edges. Temperature-dependent embryonic development in reptiles (like the tuatara, at right) is a great model system for examining the hidden effects of climate change on organisms’ fundamental physiological processes.

About the title: the ‘Nth Chapter’ is the location in book-space of valuable information that I’m actively attempting to locate but that doesn’t exist in the book I actually have in my hand.